9&10 News: Potential Pipeline Rupture Spells Disaster for Straits Communities

Executive Director of FLOW, Liz Kirkwood, talked to 9&10 News about the Line 5 pipeline. 

University of Michigan: Experts Recommend Shutting Down Line 5

Experts agree an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac would be a major disaster

MLive.com: A Ticking Time Bomb

A disastrous pipeline rupture could happen any day now. Environmentalists and public officials alike are becoming increasingly more concerned.

National Wildlife Federation: Tar Sands a Death Sentence for Wildlife

We all know tar sands production is dirty, and that oil spills can really muck up local ecosystems, but what exactly is tar sand's impact on wildlife?

Michigan Democracy Watch Blog: Public Should Have Access to Pipeline Safety Information

A recent article by Curt Guyette of ACLU Michigan, discussed the need for public access to information about pipelines like Line 5.

Line 5 on "Off the Record"

The Line 5 pipeline was the main story on PBS's "Off the Record" with Tim Skubick. The panel of journalists agreed Line 5 is seriously risky. 

Ch 6. WLNS: The State Admits it Does Not Know if Pipelines Are Safe

Perhaps it's an ironic sign of progress that the state has finally acknowledged that it does not know if the Enbridge oil pipelines in the Straits are safe

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