Grand Hotel President: We Must Shut Down Line 5

In a letter to the editor of The Detroit Free Press, R.D. Musser III, president of the of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and a member of the…

Pipeline Safety Advisory Board Meeting Recap

The public comment section at the meeting of the June 13 Pipeline Safety Advisory Board Meeting in Roscommon was sort of an afterthought by the organizers. But dozens of…

Congress Passes Bill with Great Lakes Pipeline Measures

The Detroit Free Press reports that the U.S. Senate has granted final passage to a pipeline safety bill that will increase standards for pipelines in and around the…

Fox 2 Detroit's Story on Line 5 Resistance

The Detroit media is reading the writing on the wall - that Enbridge Line 5 through the Straits of Mackinac must go.

Citizens highlight risk of oil spill at Mackinac Policy Conference

A front page story in the Detroit Free Press highlights the urgent need for action with activists, business leaders, and policy advocates converging on the Mackinac Policy Conference…

Straits Oil Spill Threat Shadows Mackinac Policy Conference

Business and political leaders call for action to prevent looming disaster as Michigan powerbrokers gather for the annual Mackinac Policy Conference.

National Wildlife Federation Sues to Stop Oil Transport through Pipeline under Great Lakes

ANN ABOR, MI — The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) today sued the federal agency largely responsible for overseeing oil pipeline safety, asserting the agency illegally authorized the transport…

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