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Eighth Grader Stuns the MPSC

The Michigan Public Service Commission staff recommended that the commissioners approve the permit to place the Enbridge Line 5 crude oil tunnel into a tunnel through the Great Lakes. But then Anna Stuntz stepped up to the mic.

JOIN ANNA - Send a message to the MPSC - NO OIL TUNNEL

Oil & Water Don't Mix organized the public to attend the June 2023 meeting to let the commissioners know what we think of the plan to create new fossil fuel infrastructure through the Great Lakes. Anna framed this stunning argument for a reason to deny the permit.


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  • Julia Brabenec
    followed this page 2023-07-12 20:22:27 -0400
  • Erica Dutton
    commented 2023-06-19 09:38:26 -0400
    So what action did the commission take???
  • Jacqueline Rowe
    followed this page 2023-06-13 20:14:52 -0400
  • Jacqueline Johnson
    followed this page 2023-06-13 18:18:07 -0400
  • Michael Fields
    followed this page 2023-06-13 17:35:32 -0400
  • Rosemary Grier
    commented 2023-06-13 14:48:53 -0400
    The adults need to listen and take action to the perceptive words of Anna Stuntz and those of her generation and our grandchildren to whom we are leaving a legacy of inaction driven by greed and politics. THE TIME IS NOW.
  • Kayan Sherrer
    followed this page 2023-06-13 12:46:25 -0400
  • Diane Wallace
    commented 2023-06-13 12:26:53 -0400
    Thank you Anna!!! I am with you!!!
  • Patricia Harris
    commented 2023-06-13 11:43:01 -0400
    Wonderful, incredible, heartfelt and on target. Thank you, Anna Stuntz
  • Bill Latka
    published this page in Videos 2023-06-13 08:40:05 -0400

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