The Latest on Line 5 Shutdown Webinar

Oil & Water Don't Mix campaign member organizations FLOW For Love Of Water, and Bay Mills Indian Community participated in a webinar with all you need to know…

Press Conference: Uncovered Classified Court Documents Reveal Enbridge Lies About Line 5 Need

Oil & Water Don't Mix and allies held a press conference in wake of the release of damning court documents that expose Enbridge lies about the need for…

Passionate Citizens Speak to Stop Enbridge Line 5 Oil Tunnel

100% of the comments to the Michigan Public Service Commission on March 17, 2022, called on the MPSC to deny the Enbridge oil tunnel permit and shut down…

February 2022 Meeting of Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority

The Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority is charged with oversight of the proposed Enbridge oil tunnel for its Line 5 oil pipeline through the Great Lakes. This is a…

OWDM Delivers 33,000 Petition Signatures Calling for Federal Support of Line 5 Shutdown

Today, Sean McBrearty of Oil & Water Don't Mix delivered 33,000 signatures on a petition calling on Pres. Biden to support the legal shutdown of the Enbridge Line…

Pacific Ocean Oil Spill Offers Urgent Warning About Enbridge Great Lakes Pipelines

The Amplify Energy oil spill in the Pacific Ocean is devastating for California. Michigan has its own #tickingtimebomb in the Great Lakes. The Enbridge Line 5 oil pipelines…

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