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  • Jeffrey Tung
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  • Arthur Hirsch
    commented 2021-06-15 20:09:55 -0400
    I did not understand the answer to the environmental impact question…can you give me David Holtz phone # or email?
  • Linda Weide
    commented 2021-06-13 13:10:06 -0400
    Fourth Grade Water Conservationists

    Dear Oil and Water Don’t Mix,

    Our fourth grade students have been studying water conservation because they decided in a fall election simulation it was an environmental issue of concern to them. In the spring we returned to final election campaign topics and here is our response. Children took on 6 topics in teams. Each team designed a t-shirt for our Etsy shop and made a campaign video. The team that chose your organization is donating all t-shirt proceeds for the oil and water campaign to Oil and Water Don’t Mix. This shop is designed to keep on going. I am sharing with you links to our Etsy shop and our videos. 

    Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/SavetheGreatLakes?ref=shop_sugg

    Water Conservation Videos on University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Youtube Site


    We also support HB 1352 and shutting down Enbridge pipeline #5 in Lake Michigan. Please pass these on to people whom you think would be sympathetic.

    We appreciate the work you are doing.

    Respectfully, Linda Weide
  • Tara Snyder
    commented 2021-05-28 15:45:30 -0400
  • Michael Baird
    commented 2021-05-26 09:21:52 -0400
    05/26/2021, I was reading an article in the Detroit Free Press online edition this morning about a campaign to open the US/Canadian border when I came across this quote by James Cudmore, a spokesman for Bill Blair, Canada’s minister of public service and emergency preparedness: “when and how to reopen the border will be made in Canada, with the best interest of Canadians as our top priority,”.

    I found his official one-sided extreme attitude rather alarming and grossly hypocritical, especially when weighed against the current situation that exists with regards to Line 5 and it’s continuing operation and endangerment to Michigan, the Straits of Mackinac and the Great Lakes.

    One of my immediate thoughts was, could this man’s quote, this official Canadian position on international relations somehow be used against Enbridge and the official support they have received from the Ontario government in the campaign to shut down Line 5?

    Canada is obviously saying Canada First and Canada for Canadians, but they are more than willing to stick their noses in US and specifically Michigan’s business. The hypocrisy needs to be publicly and loudly pointed out.
  • Tyler Dame
    commented 2021-05-12 20:48:13 -0400
    All i see in your reports and info, are “what ifs”! Really no thought or research has been put into this group. I mean other then ruining thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Canadian lives. Have you done any research on Enbridge’s Policies and procedure regarding the maintenance of line five? If they reflect any of the provinces extensive safety legislation and regulations, their inspection and maintenance requirements especially within such a high risk area, is sure to be thorough. I mean the oil & gas industry in Canada goes a step above most legislated requirements when it comes to Health, Safety & Environment. This pipeline has been there for what 57 years? And now there is an issue? Did the pandemic bore you, so now your out to destroy Canadian lives? Did you research any of the implications that might arise from having this pipeline shut down? My guess is not, because who cares about the lives of an individual person or hundreds of thousands of lives. As long as you are heard i guess… I mean at this point why doesn’t everyone just go back to the good ol’ days where we got our hands dirty everyday working them coal mines for our fuel, or even better we just wont heat our houses. Cant use wood, damages the forest, cant use oil/fuel because it pollutes the earth, cant use coal because it pollutes the atmosphere, maybe solar power if you can find away to build it without some sort of petroleum bi-product. Even then, are you going to depend on it in the middle of winter… i think not. So why do this? Are you getting paid? If i were to do some research into this group, would i find payments from groups such as the Rockefeller Group?

    I saw a post earlier about the spills…1) i didn’t read anything about a spill happening in the lake itself which this group is all about… 2) the last relevant date i had seen attached to a spill was 1990. If you were to do your research Canadian legislation and regulation, even American have come a long way since then. 3) Regulations and legislation within Canada are being improved yearly. 4) Seems to me, you may want to go after your own government for their lack of regulations. 5) There are spills that are on-going in the gulf, of the coast of LA, wouldn’t your efforts be better off fighting on that front? Ive seen drilling rigs in the middle of cities in America, haven’t in Canada. have you looked at what sort of health effects that has on the surrounding communities that reside around those drilling rigs? My guess is not, only concerned about Canadian made oil…
  • Oil & Water Don't Mix
    followed this page 2021-05-07 16:00:34 -0400
  • Bill Savage
    commented 2021-05-07 15:57:41 -0400
    Recently I saw a notice for a peaceful Call to Action in the Straits area, specifically at the McGulpin State Park on March 12. It was a professionally crafted notice. From the information within it, I was able to visit your site (this one) and in the events section/page nothing is listed for the 12th, only the 13th is mentioned. I’m confused now. I plan to be there but it’s a long drive and I don’t want to miss anything by coming on the wrong date. What date is it going to be on? 12th? 13th? Thank you.
  • John Forslin
    commented 2021-04-10 18:06:50 -0400
    Enbridge pays $67 million in prop taxes. How will communities be held harmless on this?
  • Brian Fathers
    commented 2021-03-17 11:05:30 -0400
    Hi. In order to protect the great lakes you need to ban tanker traffic that will sale from west lake superior to Sarnia. They will use this mode if the pipeline is shut down. Tanker traffic already leaves Sarnia loaded with refined product.
  • Margaret Mann-DeVos
    followed this page 2021-02-17 23:38:14 -0500
  • Margaret Mann-DeVos
    commented 2021-02-17 23:34:44 -0500
    2/17/21. Hello, I was watching TV tonight and an ad came on (by Enbridge) telling people that if Line 5 is shut down, then this will impact our energy needs here in Michigan, especially low income families.. Everything in the ad was a lie and my first thought was 1) they are getting desperate, 2) how can they get away with this? ($$$) and 3) it really pissed me off. Any thoughts on this?

    Margaret Mann-DeVos, BSN,RN
  • Bill Latka
    commented 2020-11-27 18:48:07 -0500

    Line 5 has spilled 29 times and 1.1 million gallons.

  • Nick Allen
    commented 2020-11-27 18:19:52 -0500
    What dates did spills occur on line 5? Enbridge and the CBC both posting that there has been no leaks in the pipelines history. It’s almost 1” thick walled.
  • Hannah Berge
    commented 2020-11-18 11:20:17 -0500
    Hi! I produce a national Canadian radio show called The Evan Solomon Show. We’d love to speak with someone from your organization about the Line 5 pipeline that connects to Canada.

    We’re hoping to do this interview at 12:20pm ET today. It will be a 10 minute live phone interview. Please let me know if anyone is available!


  • Bill Latka
    commented 2020-11-13 14:05:35 -0500
    While the Governor’s action today does not stop the tunnel permitting process, the existing dual pipelines shutting down will have a profound impact on our understanding of whether the tunnel is necessary at all.
  • Jeff Smith
    commented 2020-11-13 13:49:26 -0500
    What does the news today about Gov. Whitmer shutting down Line 5 mean for the pipeline tunnel that is being proposed?
  • Tori Jarosh
    commented 2020-11-11 11:39:22 -0500
    Hi Hi, I’m wondering if you have identified a specific propane distributor in Superior WI who may be able to provide alternative propane services to the U.P.

  • Patricia Janizek
    commented 2020-10-06 15:27:53 -0400
    You requested that people make comments before a hearing. If my residence is outside of the state of Michigan, do you still want comments?
  • Tom Spees
    commented 2020-09-29 15:37:07 -0400
    Hello I am a Great Lakes sailor, and plan to generate support for the Line 5 fight with Lake Michigan Yacht clubs. I am based in Chicago and West MI. Who can I contact to discuss this with? I am pretty passionate about making some things happen. Thanks kindy! Tom Spees, [email protected] or (m) 773.447.9301
  • Mary Ann Baier
    commented 2020-07-25 19:53:37 -0400
    I saw an editorial, Friday July 24 2020, in the Detroit News. “Line 5 tunnel project best bet for Michigan”. I am distraught about my friend, who thinks that this editorial has the only solution. He thinks Govenor Whitmer has it wrong and should not block building the tunnel. I really don’t know what to tell him. I feel like I need to defend the Givenor’s decision.
  • Karin Larsen
    commented 2020-07-21 20:32:13 -0400
    How do I hear about the FaceBook presentation on the Kalamazoo River Oil Spill if I do not do FaceBook?
  • Brandy Reyes
    commented 2020-06-25 13:52:27 -0400
    Grassroots, non-profit, Grand Rapids Water Protectors, is hosting a demonstration advocating for the shut down of Line 5 in coordination with a beach clean up at Holland State Park on June 28th, beginning at 2 PM. The demonstration has been organized by local water activists to highlight the threat posed to our Great Lakes, stemming from the aging and recently damaged oil pipeline which runs through a critical juncture between Lakes Michigan and Huron. An oil spill in this area, referred to as the Mackinac Straits, could have terrible effects on the ecology and economy of the entire Great Lakes region; the likelihood of which only grows as time passes and the pipeline further degrades. From 2:00 to 5:00 PM, activists will congregate on the beach of Holland State Park to protest the Line 5 oil pipeline and engender conversation concerning its looming threat to our national treasure, the largest fresh water system in the world. In conjunction with a beach clean up, we hope to both spread awareness and leave the park cleaner than before.
  • Caitlin Harrigan
    commented 2020-05-21 15:02:55 -0400
    Just wondering where I can purchase a sign locally in Traverse City MI. Thank you!
  • Cyndi Kress
    commented 2020-05-15 11:28:09 -0400
    Please send me the link to view the oral arguments against Enbridge.
  • Gail Syverud
    commented 2020-04-10 14:52:21 -0400
    Can someone reach out to Oil and Water Don’t Mix and see if we can use their petition as a template?

    Here is draft language with the assumption that Oil and Water Don’t Mix allow us to use their petition as a template. This is all the time/energy I have to put into drafting. Feel free to edit/amend as y’all see fit. Can someone confirm the 11 ventilators in our region number? Also, FYI the last paragraph is unchanged from Oil and Water Don’t Mix’s petition.

    Stop Enbridge from using a health crisis to put us at risk and push through their Line 5 Reroute

    In the midst of global Public Health Pandemic Enbridge continues to have out-of-state contractors work on the proposed Line 5 Reroute. Meanwhile, state and federal agencies can’t hold real public hearings and a public comment period in the middle of a global pandemic when the state of Wisconsin is under an emergency order. Enbridge knows this and wants to take advantage of the public health and economic crisis to push through environmental permitting for their proposed Line 5 Reroute around the Bad River Reservation. Allowing Enbridge to compromise the region’s already severely strained medical, financial and human resources is wrong.


    Dear Gov. Evers:

    As COVID-19, the disease caused by a new coronavirus has spread throughout the Upper Great Lakes, Exectutive Order #72 was issued on March 12, 2020, which declared a Public Health Emergency in Wisconsin to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the virus has continued to impact Wisconsin severely. While our communities are sheltering-in-place, with many of our youth forced to resort to online learning and most childcare centers closed, only traveling for necessities, working from home (if we are privileged enough), yet we continue to see Enbridge and their contractors maintaining business as usual.

    In light of these circumstances we request that you order the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to prioritize actions that are responsive to the COVID-19 pandemic, including its economic impact. We believe that emergency and other urgent matters relating to health, safety, financial, or security should receive the state’s full attention. Specifically, we are requesting that you utilize the emergency declaration and expand the Stay At Home Order to include Enbridge’s work for the proposed Line 5 Reroute as “non-essential work”.

    Line 5 is continuing to operate normally and there are Enbridge nor a regulatory agency has indicated that there is an elevated safety concern for a potential oil spill. Yet, Enbridge feels it is acceptable to continue to bring out-of-state contractors into our rural community putting us further at risk to COVID-19. These contractors can be coming from areas of increased COVID-19 risk, using our grocery stores and gas stations, potentially visiting our medical facilities all the while increasing the potential spread of COVID-19. Unlike urban parts of the state, our region does not have the same level of adequate access to healthcare. Between Ashland, Bayfield and Iron Counties our region only has one hospital with only 11 ventilators. This is why our community is taking the Safer At Home Order so seriously. We know how quickly our only hospital could be overwhelmed by COVID-19 if we aren’t responsible.

    The DNR should consider delaying review for any Enbridge permit applications for the proposed Line 5 Reroute until it has been determined emergency and disaster conditions no longer exist. If action isn’t taken by the DNR and supported by the Governor, we fear that in the short-term COVID-19 will more aggressively and rapidly harm our community. If the permitting process continues and “public input” opportunities arise, they will likely be relegated to virtual public comment as seen in Michigan and Minnesota already, which greatly limits the ability for the public to share their concerns.

    Taking these steps would help to ensure that all appropriate state resources are directed towards the present public health and state emergency. It would also mean that the state government would not unnecessarily take steps that would call for action by local governments, businesses and other organizations affected by the current emergencies, or by our residents, whose ability to meet and communicate with each other has been limited by measures adopted in response to the emergencies. Furthermore, the ability to hold public hearings and public comment during the state emergency will not be possible.


    Noah Saperstein

    Environmental Justice Specialist

    Pronouns: he/him/his

    Red Cliff Environmental Department

    Treaty Natural Resources Division

    Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

    88455 Pike Road

    Bayfield, WI 54814

    Office: 715-779-3650 Ext. 4315
  • Craig Freeland
    commented 2020-03-09 15:12:15 -0400
    Have you all heard of the #StopTheMoneyPipeline (STMP)? I’m an organizer with an organization called Friends of the Earth, one of the many members of the STMP coalition, and wanted to put it on your radar because on April 23rd actions will be taking place across the country targeting the financiers of the fossil fuel industry. With the Line 5 project locked in the judicial system, it would be great to apply pressure on the financial front. Here is a link with information regarding the institutions financing Enbridge: https://www.ran.org/the-understory/whos-banking-enbridge/. And you can find more information about the coalition on the official website: https://www.stopthemoneypipeline.com/ Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions.
  • Kathy Schoen
    commented 2020-01-27 07:45:44 -0500
    My apologies. I planned on coming to Lansing for the rally today but I have a horse that’s very sick -So I can’t attend. Thoughts are with you. Speak truth to power.
  • Daniel Drewyer
    commented 2019-12-21 17:11:23 -0500
  • Gary Sich
    commented 2019-11-17 09:47:29 -0500

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