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Share the Truth About the Line 5 Oil Pipeline

Use these fact sheets to counter Enbridge's propaganda about the Line 5 oil pipeline that threatens the Great Lakes and climate every day.

Enbridge says without Line 5, the U.P. will be without propane or prices will skyrocket, 2,100 trucks will cross the Mackinac Bridge every day, Detroit Metro airport will run out of jet fuel, and 1,000's will become unemployed. Learn the truth.

Myths vs. Facts about Line 5



There are many problems with the Enbridge Line 5 oil pipeline. A rupture in the Straits of Mackinac impact 700 miles of Great Lakes shoreline and devastate our Great Lakes economy. And that's just for starters. Download and share this document to let others know why a Line 5 shutdown is the right decision for Michigan.

Line 5 Shutdown is the Right Decsision


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