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Straits Pipeline Critics Ready Their Clipboards for Big Bridge Walk

Members of citizen groups from around the state will be in Mackinaw City on Labor Day, but they won’t be on vacation. Instead, they will be at the south end of the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk, collecting signatures for a letter aimed at the most prominent of the event’s predicted 50,000 striders, Gov. Rick Snyder.

Bridge walkersDressed in lake-blue shirts and green hats, brandishing clipboards and brochures, and handing out stickers proclaiming, “Oil & Water Don’t Mix—I Walked the Bridge,” the volunteers and the groups organizing the effort hope to convince the governor to use a powerful state law that could supplement federal pipeline regulations and better protect the Straits from a potentially ruinous oil pipeline spill.

“Although Enbridge built Line 5 a few years before the Submerged Lands Act was passed, the state has the perpetual responsibility to make sure it lives up to all contemporary legal standards. The state has been derelict in doing that for more than 60 years, and it’s time to begin the process the Act requires immediately.” - Liz Kirkwood, Executive Director FLOW

Read the entire article at Michigan Land Use Institute

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