Your gift today will support the creation of an incredible adventure documentary about the human impact on the Great Lakes.

Troubled Water is a new film now in production exploring the economic, political, and environmental implications of human impact on Michigan's freshwater. The Great Lakes have already seen irreparable damage, but some issues still hang in the balance and hope is still very much alive.


The narrative backbone of the story is an epic 425-mile, 45-day stand-up paddle journey from Mackinac Island to Lansing. 

Adventurers and storytellers with Michigan roots will have a film team following them from start to finish while they share environmental issues that are affecting Michigan and the Great Lakes now: invasive species leading to the death of the fishing industry, climate change affecting the iconic fruit industry, and of course the Line 5 oil pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac, just to name a few. A broad list of Michigan voices with diverse opinions and relationships to the issues will appear in the film.

The Journey 

The route is designed to show the beauty of the Great Lakes while highlighting current environmental issues.

The journey's end is in Lansing: the political epicenter with the power to protect our public waters. 

The filmmakers are coordinating with groups across Michigan to rally in Lansing at the end of the trip, August 14th, 2021, to support the politicians who have called for the closing of Line 5. More details on that coming soon.

Support This Film

Independent films and passionate grassroots movements can move mountains (or pipelines) when aligned behind a just cause.

Visit the Troubled Water Website and follow them on Instagram @troubled_water_film.

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When you support the production of the film today, you will help stir up the media and bring focus to support the Michiganders who are working so hard to shut down the Line 5 oil pipeline. With support from non-profits groups like Oil and Water Don't Mix, For Love of Water, Clean Water Action, and Michigan Environmental Council.

Thanks to Oil & Water Don't Mix and the Michigan Environmental Council, all donations are tax-deductible!




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