After a year-long review of the easement that gave Enbridge permission to use the Great Lakes for its dangerous oil pipeline, Gov. Whitmer made the bold decision to revoke the easement and has taken steps to shut down Line 5.

Use your phone to shoot and upload a selfie video or picture to let others know why you support this proactive decision to #ShutDownLine5 before it ruptures.

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Selfie Ideas:

  • Why Line 5 is a ticking time bomb: built to last for 50 years and now almost 70
  • Why Enbridge, a foreign oil company, cannot be trusted - they lied about the condition of Line 5, spilled over 1 million gallons into the Kalamazoo River, etc.
  • Line 5 is using Michigan as a shortcut for Canadian oil for Canada
  • Why Governor Whitmer made the right decision to protect the Great Lakes and our drinking water
  • What the Great Lakes mean to you and why we need to protect them by shutting down Line 5


  • Keep your video brief - one minute or less
  • Tell us your first name and your city if you wish, but no address
  • Consider starting with, "I support Governor Whitmer's Line 5 oil pipeline shutdown because..."
  • If you upload a photo make sure to include a message to post
  • Have fun!

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Join those working to protect the Great Lakes & climate from the Enbridge Line 5 crude oil pipeline.

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