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University of Michigan: Experts Recommend Shutting Down Line 5

Experts agree an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac would be a major disaster

A line rupture or leak in that area could cause major ecological problems in both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, and threaten drinking water supplies, according to researchers. 

"If you were to pick the worst possible place for an oil spill in the Great Lakes, this would be it. The currents are powerful and change direction frequently. In the event of an oil spill, these factors would lead to a big mess that would be very difficult to contain." - Dave Schwab, Hydroexpert

University of Michigan's Water Center researchers Dave Schwab  (University of Michigan Water Center) and Eric J. Anderson (NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory) helped illustrate the potential danger of a possible oil spill near the Straits of Mackinac using computer modeling to show the flow of oil through the area.  The visual simulation showed oil quickly spreading into both Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, contaminating shorelines miles away in a matter of hours.


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