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TIME: No Safe Way to Transport Oil

Transporting oil has always been a dangerous business.

pipeline.jpgEver since the first major oil striking of oil in Titusville Pennsylvania, the oil game has been a race. The oil industry has sacrificed efficiency in the name of speed. Thus it has been less important for those at the top, that systems of transporting oil are completely spill-proof. For them, it's better to waste a few gallons of oil than to spend money on improving the oil's efficient and safe transport. While today the efficiency and safety of oil transportation has vastly improved, the rails and pipelines we use to transport oil are by no means spill-proof. As many recent events have shown, trains are extremely prone to explosive accidents resulting in a multitude of horrible spills. Pipelines, on the other had, may have few accidents but their spills are of a far greater scale. Massive ecosystems are still recovering from the Deepwater Horizon spill, the Kalamazoo river spill and the recent Santa Barbara spill. Oil transportation has never been safe in the past, and there is no reason to believe that it is safe today.

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