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Detroit Free Press: Reactions to Eye on the Future Special

People all over Michigan watched Carol Cain report in CBS 62's Eye on the Future, "Our Water Our Future." Many were outraged to learn about the presence of a 62-year old pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac

Here are some of their reactions:michmatters.png

"Would you want to travel in a 62-year-old car or plane? Why would we think a 62-year-old pipeline is ok?"

"Water is the 21st Century gold and oil combined. Your article and special only reinforced that to the leaders of Michigan and their collective responsibility to protect our lakes and rivers."

"I've lived in Michigan all of my 69 years, vacationed every year in the Lower and Upper Peninsulas, had one son married on Mackinac Island, a daughter married in Charlevoix. I never knew there was a pipeline under the Straits. Yes, this is an accident waiting to happen."

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