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We'll submit your comment to the US Army Corps of Engineers and keep you in the loop about other ways you can protect the Great Lakes from a devastating oil spill.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is asking for public comment on the proposed Enbridge Great Lakes Tunnel plan as it prepares an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

NOW IS THE TIME to let the Army Corps know what you think it should consider when examining the proposed Line 5 pipeline oil tunnel permit. Fill out the form below to submit comments to the USACE regarding the scope of the EIS.


Help Reach the Next Goal: 3,000 comments

We've suggested proposed comments in the form below, but we encourage you to add your perspective about what the USACE needs to consider as it examines the tunnel permit. What do a clean Great Lakes and action on climate mean to you?

If you are commenting in an area in which you have relevant personal or professional experience (i.e., scientist, attorney, fisherman, businessperson, etc.), say so.

You can help now.

Add your voice to those working for a clean Great Lakes & healthier economy.


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