Enbridge is asking to keep the 71-year-old Line 5 crude oil pipeline alive by rerouting it around the Bad River Reservation in Wisconsin. A judge ordered the pipeline to be removed there by 2027. Learn why a reroute is a terrible idea.

Now is not the time to build new fossil fuel infrastructure. Join us in asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to properly evaluate all risks associated with a reroute.

Stop Enbridge's Assault on Nature

Urge the USACE to Conduct a Full Environmental Impact Statement

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Use our tool below to send your message. It is important to start the email below with a brief personal story about why you care about protecting our environment and how the pipeline could affect you and our water. Learn more about this process. Click EDIT AND SEND EMAIL below to get started! Copy/paste and modify one of the following examples (or write your own) at the start of the message:

  1. Wisconsin Resident: “As a lifelong resident of Wisconsin who enjoys fishing in our pristine lakes and hiking in our beautiful forests, I’m deeply concerned about the potential impact the Line 5 pipeline reroute will have on our local water resources and wildlife habitats.”
  2. Non-Resident Concerned About Water Quality and Climate Change: “As someone who cares deeply about protecting our planet’s water quality and combating climate change, I am alarmed by the potential environmental risks posed by the Line 5 pipeline reroute.”The message will be sent directly to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Your name will appear at the bottom of the email - please don't delete it.

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USACE Email Text

For ease of reading, here's the text included in the email :

I respectfully request that the USACE:

1. Conduct a Full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): Given the significant potential environmental impacts of the Line 5 pipeline reroute, I request that the USACE conduct a comprehensive EIS rather than relying solely on the current Environmental Assessment (EA). A full EIS will thoroughly evaluate the project’s effects on water quality, wildlife habitats, cultural resources, and socio-economic factors.

2. Delay the Process Until State Permitting and Tribal Consultations Are Complete: I urge the USACE to wait for the completion of state permitting processes and to fully consult with impacted Tribes, including the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, before proceeding with the EA and public input process. This ensures all relevant concerns and voices are considered.

3. Consider Practical Alternatives: The Clean Water Act Section 404 permit program requires that all practicable alternatives that are less damaging to the aquatic environment are thoroughly explored and considered.

4. Ensure Detailed Public Consultation: Extend the public comment period and address all public and expert concerns comprehensively. The process should be transparent and inclusive, giving ample time and opportunity for public input.

5. Mitigate Environmental Impacts: Implement robust mitigation measures for any unavoidable environmental impacts identified during the assessment process. This includes ensuring that steps are taken to avoid, minimize, and compensate for impacts to wetlands, streams, and other aquatic resources.

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