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Building a tunnel for Enbridge Line 5 through the Straits of Mackinac is not a solution to protect the Great Lakes, 400 other water bodies including Lake Michigan, or our dangerously overheating climate.

Oil BurnSign to protect the Great Lakes from *another Line 5 oil spill

Dear Gov. Whitmer & Michigan’s Legislature:

An oil tunnel through the public bottomlands of the Straits of Mackinac won’t protect the Great Lakes from a 645-mile long aging Line 5 oil pipeline that has leaked at least 33 times into Michigan's environment. Even when its oil isn't spilling into the water, it adds to our climate crisis when burned by spilling carbon into the atmosphere every day. The time to end the threat of a catastrophic oil pipeline rupture is now. Instead of leaving a vulnerable and hazardous oil pipeline operating in the Mackinac Straits for years while trusting a dishonest Enbridge to protect the Great Lakes, I urge you to take action now to decommission Line 5.

* Yes, Enbridge Line 5 has already spilled 33 times and 1.1 million gallons.

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  • Carol van Deelen
    signed 2020-05-13 19:15:42 -0400
  • Christine Schopieray
    signed 2020-05-13 13:02:47 -0400
    Christine Schopieray With fresh water becoming a highly sought after commodity we must do all we can to protect the Great Lakes from pollution. Enbridge has a terrible track record when it comes to spills and we cannot afford their carelessness to jeopardize our water supply. . Please decommission Line 5 now!
  • Zach Waas Smith
    signed 2020-05-13 10:13:14 -0400
    We will never find alternatives to oil if we continue to allow oil. Stop this line so we can instead invest in healthy and renewable resources.
  • Jeff Towner
    signed 2020-05-13 09:14:25 -0400
    Some very real risks would be posed by constructing and operating a tunnel to convey crude oil to Ontario. A major oil spill could damage, possibly permanently, a world-class aquatic resource in the Straits of Mackinac, Lakes Michigan and Huron, and the fish and wildlife and humans who depend on this resource. Please do not agree with Enbridge that they need no new authority to construct this tunnel project.
  • Donna Hill
    signed 2020-05-13 07:42:53 -0400
  • Shirley Duncan
    signed 2020-05-13 07:39:02 -0400
  • Susan Wood
    signed 2020-05-12 17:38:51 -0400
  • Evan Zimmermann
    signed 2020-05-12 17:23:55 -0400
  • John Carter
    signed 2020-05-12 15:17:57 -0400
    When Mark Schauer ran for Governor of Michigan, he and his Deputy were going to make this a top priority. But Snyder won and he was so busy defending his right to poison Flint’s residents that he and AG Bill Schuette turned a blind eye to it.
  • Lisa Fox
    signed 2020-05-12 15:07:55 -0400
    No pipeline in or under The Great Lakes. No exceptions.
  • Barbara Albrecht
    signed 2020-05-12 11:29:03 -0400
  • Donna Parr
    signed 2020-05-12 09:34:22 -0400
    The pipeline needs to be shutdown.
  • John Perrault
    signed 2020-05-12 08:37:53 -0400
    What do you do to protect your family when their drinking water and future is threatened!! All families need is water, which is life!! Do not need monitary things. And it’s about all life forms!!! Miigwitch!!
  • Amy Glass
    signed 2020-05-11 23:56:19 -0400
  • Angela Argue
    signed via 2020-05-11 10:16:00 -0400
  • Jennifer McCrea
    signed 2020-05-09 18:44:40 -0400
  • Michael Terminelli
    signed 2020-05-09 17:29:53 -0400
    Michael Terminelli
  • Anne Flanagan
    signed 2020-05-08 13:50:43 -0400
    Anne Flanagan
  • Edwin Ortiz Reyes
    signed 2020-05-08 13:34:33 -0400
    Line 5 is danger to the straights of Mackinac, the state of Michigan, and the Great Lakes region as a whole. We should be making efforts to move off fossil fuels and towards greener energy sources, and investing millions of dollars on a risky and under-maintained pipeline is not a step in the right direction. A spill in this region would be of extreme severity and would have adverse environmental effects that would last a generation. On top of all this, the bogus argument used by Enbridge to justify the building what can only be described as a whole new pipeline is weak and relies on the upholding of permits granted over half a century ago. The state of Michigan, and every Great Lakes state has a vested interest in protecting the straights of Mackinac and doing everything possible to shut down Line 5. In the interest of the environment, the region, and the people of Michigan and the Great Lakes as a whole, we must do all we can to shut down Line 5. At the very least Enbridge should have to make their case in a full and transparent way as to why this new tunnel and pipeline are needed and how they will benefit the people of Michigan. The state and local advocates should have the opportunity to closely review all the documentation related to this new project and make an informed decision as to what is best for their state. Enbridge does not have the right to ram this tunnel down the throats of Michiganders without proper vetting and time for dialogue and to study the possible environmental consequences. The people of Michigan deserve better and to have their voices heard.
  • Hester Hemmerling
    signed 2020-05-08 11:07:31 -0400
    we can live without oil. We cannot live without water. Neither can the millions of fish, plants, aquatic birds, migratory birds, and many other animals whose lives depend on the water in these lakes. NO OIL TUNNEL!
  • Alison Paton
    signed 2020-05-07 09:02:37 -0400
  • Sarah Gray
    signed 2020-05-05 17:50:02 -0400
  • Steven Orr
    signed 2020-05-05 15:15:04 -0400
  • K. Feilmeyer
    signed 2020-05-05 12:54:13 -0400
  • Lydiah Jerome
    signed 2020-05-04 12:39:43 -0400
  • Shari Thompson
    signed 2020-05-04 11:42:24 -0400
    Let’s be sensitive, smart and mindful in this decision. No pipeline for us! Technology for use of wind, thermal and rail are safe possible alternatives . I want our grandchildren to swim and drink fresh crystal clean water. A spill will devastate our Great Lakes!
  • Darrin Brandt
    signed 2020-05-03 22:44:44 -0400
  • Mary Flynn
    signed 2020-05-03 09:21:34 -0400
    Leave the environment alone……..we dont need a pipeline…. ….we need save our planet, not destroy it !!!!
  • Loni Maki
    signed 2020-05-01 20:24:53 -0400
  • Noah Pearlman
    signed 2020-05-01 12:33:19 -0400

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