Help Oil & Water Don't Mix to put on on the show to help shut down Line 5. 

Line 5 turns 65 years old on April 23 - let's force its retirement.

OWDM is putting on a live show featuring speakers, videos, and music by Seth Bernard, from the Traverse City Opera House. The show will be livestreamed via video to every satellite house party across Michigan and beyond. We’re reaching out to supporters involved in the Line 5 effort, but also to anyone interested in preserving our clean Great Lakes. The party will be all about taking civil action to shut down Line 5. We anticipate at least 200 people in attendance at the Opera House. There are already 20 satellite parties that will reach at least 1000 people, and we expect that more parties will be added. We need your help to offset our costs of making this party a success. Please consider sponsoring the party!

Download our Sponsorship Flyer


EVENT Sponsor • $1,500 or more (one available) • Full-Size signs in lobby of City Opera House, logo on every poster to be distributed to all venues, single card “event sponsor” logo projected at Opera House and at open of livestream video, and logo with mention of business name in all email communications with supporters about these events.

VENUE Sponsor • $500 (three available) • Logo on signs in the lobby of City Opera House, logo projected on a shared card (with two other VENUE sponsors) at City Opera House and at open of livestream video, business thanked by our host.

SPONSOR • $200 (ten eight available) • Logo projected on the shared card (with other SPONSORS) during the party at City Opera House, at the close of livestream video, and business thanked by our host.

SUPPORTER • $50 • Business logo or your name projected on a shared card (with other SUPPORTERS) at City Opera House, and you’ll be thanked by our host at the live event.

You may sponsor here, or send a check to Oil & Water Don't Mix, 148 E Front St., Ste 301, Traverse City, MI 49684.

Contact Bill Latka if sending a check, or if you have any questions. Thank you.

Who’s donating: from Traverse city, MI donated. Thank you!

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