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The Clock is Ticking - Act now

…the number of days since Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette declared on July 14 that the “days are numbered” for Enbridge’s aging Line 5 oil pipelines lying in the open waters of the Mackinac Straits.

Time Bomb
And counting and counting: Although the attorney general says the pipelines’ days are numbered, “it could be a huge number." - Brad Wurfel, spokesperson for the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, on August 6.

Listen to Ron Jolly interview Attorney General Schuette.

at 6:04 -

"And the days are numbered on the pipeline, let's face it. The days are numbered, the clock's ticking, because we wouldn't build that pipeline today underneath the Great Lakes. How many tomorrows will it face, well it will be in limited duration. So the clock's ticking, the days are numbered. But now we need to bring in the technical expertise to figure out how do we supply the energy needs so people have propane in the winter to be warm... Maybe it means a different pipeline or expanding existing pipelines that go around the Great Lakes instead of under the Great Lakes." - Attorney General Schutte

Meanwhile, Enbridge has pushed more than a half-billion more gallons of oil through the Great Lakes, using the Mackinac Straits as a high-risk shortcut to move oil from one part of Canada to another.

Please take a moment to email Attorney General Bill Schuette and Governor Snyder to protect the Great Lakes by shutting down Enbridge Line 5! 

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  • Margaret Pierson
    commented 2015-08-27 11:51:17 -0400
    Atty Gen. Schutte; Please use your power to shut down LINE 5 IMMEDIATELY, in order to protect our waters. This 62-year-old pipeline was not meant to be used for more than 50 yrs, was not designed to carry the types of materials it carries, nor was it designed to withstand the weight and contents of the invasive zebra mussels that currently coat the exterior. Enbridge has been sited for not placing braces every 75 feet, as directed, nor can they, as the pipeline run over an ancient river bed that is a 1/4 mile wide. Shutting down the pipes is the only way.

You can help now.

Join those working to protect the Great Lakes & climate from the Enbridge Line 5 crude oil pipeline.

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