READ THE TROUBLING FACTS surrounding the Synder-Enbridge oil tunnel deal.

Enbridge and Michigan's Governor made a backroom deal to explore build a tunnel in the Straits of Mackinac that would keep Canadian oil flowing through the Great Lakes for at least 7 to 10 more years, if not forever. The deal would also put the Mackinac Bridge Authority and Michigan taxpayers at financial risk.

We have questions. You probably do too.

On November 8 in St. Ignace, Enbridge will pitch its tunnel proposal to members of the bridge authority for the first time. Gov. Snyder wants the bridge authority to own Enbridge’s tunnel, marking the first time since the authority was created in 1950 that its sole mission of maintaining and operating the Mighty Mac would be compromised.

Let the Mackinac Bridge Authority know your thoughts about this proposed tunnel for Canadian oil

Bridge authority members are inviting questions from the public, which is great. The bridge authority was not asked in advance by the Snyder administration to be part of this mess, so we encourage you to respectfully email authority Secretary Bob Sweeney with your questions. 

Click to compose an email to Bob Sweeney or copy his address: [email protected]

Here are some questions you may choose to ask the bridge authority (feel free to copy & paste):

Why should the bridge authority own the risky tunnel and be saddled with Enbridge through a 99-year lease, especially given Enbridge’s horrible track record in Michigan?

Why should the bridge authority assume financial risk in the event of a tunnel collapse and pipeline rupture for a private Canadian oil company when most of the oil in Enbridge’s Line 5 is for Canada’s use?

The agreement between Enbridge and Gov. Snyder would only provide $1.88 billion in financial pledges from Enbridge in the case of major damages when economists estimate the cost of a worst-case spill could reach $6.3 billion. Why should the bridge authority potentially put the financial health of the Mackinac Bridge at risk by taking responsibility for Enbridge’s oil tunnel?

Why is the administration considering bypassing a thorough environmental review of the Snyder-Enbridge oil tunnel under the Great Lakes Submerged Lands Act instead of looking at better alternatives which include decommissioning Line 5 now?

Once you send your email let us know by reporting it below. We also invite you to attend the November 8th meeting where Enbridge will present their oil tunnel plan to the Mackinac Bridge Authority. RSVP Here.


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  • Arden Atkinson
    endorsed 2018-10-21 10:56:09 -0400
    Why is a thorough environmental review of Line 5 not being done? Why is a tunnel that will take 10 years to build considered a solution? Why should the Bridge Authority assume responsibility for this ill-conceived idea that will put the well-being of our beloved and critically important Bridge at any kind of risk? Thank you.
  • Della Smith
    endorsed 2018-10-21 10:51:58 -0400
    The current pipeline should be shut down to PREVENT a horrendous accident. We cannot wait ten years for a tunnel. The key is PREVENTION. No amount of money set aside for an accident will be enough to compensate for that kind of damage to the lakes. Action is needed now on that pipeline, we cannot wait 10 years!
  • Mi Foley
    endorsed 2018-10-21 10:43:21 -0400
  • Johanna Bogater
    endorsed 2018-10-21 10:17:40 -0400
  • Paul Martin
    endorsed 2018-10-21 10:13:46 -0400
  • mary maiorano
    endorsed 2018-10-21 10:12:49 -0400
  • Gary Lea
    endorsed 2018-10-21 09:58:44 -0400
    Completely replace the Mighty Mac with a mighty tunnel serving every function.
  • Julia O’Connor
    endorsed 2018-10-21 09:47:32 -0400
    I sent an email asking them to think seriously about their part in this and the wisdom of entering into this plan.
  • Kathie E Takush
    endorsed 2018-10-21 09:21:54 -0400
  • Mike Butkiewicz
    endorsed 2018-10-21 09:18:56 -0400
  • Katherine Snell
    endorsed 2018-10-21 09:07:54 -0400
    Do not do this. It is a most valuable resource. Something is sure to go wrong if you Snyder have anything to do with it.
  • Stately Plump Buck
    @rebelknap tweeted link to this page. 2018-10-21 09:00:35 -0400
    Send an email to the Mackinac Bridge Authority before Gov. Snyder and Enbridge get their way to build a tunnel under the Great Lakes for Canadian oil.
  • Robert Belknap
    endorsed 2018-10-21 09:00:24 -0400
    Why should the bridge authority own the risky tunnel and be saddled with Enbridge through a 99-year lease, especially given Enbridge’s horrible track record in Michigan?
  • Patricia Buchner
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:53:41 -0400
  • Terry Huff
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:48:36 -0400
    Oil and water don’t mix.
  • Tamara Upham
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:47:26 -0400
  • char lange
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:47:19 -0400
  • Richard Brown
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:47:15 -0400
  • Heather Hewett
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:32:38 -0400
  • John Childs
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:20:45 -0400
  • Christine Zausten
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:19:53 -0400
  • Kay McBain
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:12:13 -0400
  • Cecilia Droz
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:10:59 -0400
    (Following is email sent)

    Please explain your reasoning to me to encapsulate a faluty, aging pipeline inside another, given time, faulty, aging “pipe” underneath our cherished Straits.

    For decommissioning Pipeline 5, my reasons have been made clear.

    However, with your plan, I fear our waters may not be.

  • Carol Ann Sears
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:09:06 -0400
  • Linda Wallman
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:06:16 -0400
  • Debra Moore
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:04:40 -0400
  • Michael Zimmerman
    endorsed 2018-10-21 08:01:03 -0400
    oil and water don’t mix
  • Denise Hartsough
    endorsed 2018-10-20 15:47:29 -0400
  • Theresa Pearce
    endorsed 2018-10-20 15:27:14 -0400
  • Billiruth Wickey
    endorsed 2018-10-20 11:37:59 -0400
    I participated in a two hour focus group commissioned by Enbridge on October 10th in Mackinaw City however it was more like an hour and a half high pressure sales pitch with a few questions thrown in. I have designed and participated in many focus groups and none were anything remotely similar to the Enbridge commissioned group.

You can help now.

Join those working to protect the Great Lakes & climate from the Enbridge Line 5 crude oil pipeline.

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