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  • Amanda Jo Robinson
    commented 2022-07-26 19:59:13 -0400
    I was wondering if Oil and Water Don’t Mix can post a new event link for the Pipe Out Paddle Up Sept 2, 2022 on Saturday morning.
  • Meredith McGehee
    commented 2022-07-19 10:54:54 -0400
    I am on the email list of the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has posted a message from Enbridge seeking local businesses to be added to “The List”.

    Here’s some of the text from their post: "Enbridge is building a list of local Michigan businesses and service providers that would like to support our contractors in building the Great Lakes Tunnel. Are you interested in getting on the list for this project? If you would like your business to be included on the list and considered for work on the project, please send an email to: [email protected]. While contractors are not currently accepting proposals from local businesses, Enbridge is compiling this list of businesses and their services to help potential contractors understand local options as they prepare their proposals for the project. "

    I believe that this implies that Enbridge and its contractors have the support of the local business community, and they will use this information in the future as a P.R. stunt. I am dubious.
  • Steve Gold
    commented 2022-05-26 09:44:59 -0400
    Why aren’t you sending your Boycott the Enbridge Reception message to Michigan Congressperson Andy Levin?
  • Jeannine Palms
    commented 2022-04-13 14:52:57 -0400
    How do I make a gift donation – in the name of friends who just married?
  • Nancy Stencil
    commented 2022-03-01 16:11:42 -0500
    If there is anything you would like to have shared, I publish Middle Wisconsin News online, and would love to be able to share with our readers. If there is anyone else out there writing letters, please feel free to contact me! If you have anything, please send to [email protected]
  • Janet MacGillivray
    commented 2022-02-20 12:09:42 -0500
    Hello, Terri Wilkerson recommended me to you. I founded an org called Seeding Sovereignty and I was looking to connect with someone there about Line 5. We also have a robust social media presence and would be happy to amplify your efforts. If you would like us to sign on to support, please let me know. I hope to hear from someone soon and thank you for all you do. I have already signed up for the email list separately.

  • Dan Garduno
    commented 2022-02-12 09:04:47 -0500
    The Drop Of Water ( Water Protector Necklaces)

    Greetings and Namaste’.

    My name is Dan Garduno, I am known as Dan “TheGlassman” from The Drop Of Water. I am a Water Protector. I am also a humanitarian, an activist, an artist, and a musician, and have dedicated my life and my glass art to help raise awareness and to teach others the importance of water for life and for generations to come. During Standing Rock, I created The Drop Of Water in November of 2016, and then after, The Drop Of Water was given special permission to be worn as part of their regalia by 17 individuals of the Pueblo Enchantment Dancers during the Special Presentation of the Buffalo Dance at the Gathering Of Nations PowWow in 2017. After that ceremonial dance, I realized my friends from the Pueblo Enchantment Dancers were only a small group of individuals who were joined together with all 19 New Mexico Pueblos and close to 200-300 other individual dancers and singers. I felt it in my heart, they all deserved to be honored with The Drop Of Water as well, to thank them for the Buffalo Dance and for honoring Creator’s water and the hundreds of thousands of individuals standing together at Standing Rock.

    2 days later at San Felipe Feast Day, I met and gifted Orlando Cruz who had come down from Pueblo Camp at Standing Rock, and he and several others presented the Gathering of Nations Committee with a sacred staff from Standing Rock. Orlando mentioned 7 other Water Protectors who he knew were there in San Felipe, so I gave him 7 more drops so he could have the honor of gifting them. That is where he and I joined together and started gifting all 80 individuals he could remember being with him at Pueblo Camp, and then we started gifting so many other individual from the front lines, from on the bridge, those who fed all the individuals in the kitchens, as well as the sacred fire keepers, individual celebrities and musicians, and thousands of more individuals. Orlando and I vowed to continue honoring and thanking Water Protectors with The Drop Of Water for as long as we can. Eventually he moved on to other goals and aspirations, but I personally have continued this devotional service work to keep my promise to continue to gift as many Water Protectors from around the world, as I can.

    Since then, I began selling them for $10 to other individuals who want to support my efforts, so I can continue to afford to make and gift these out of pocket. I have also found several retail locations that have helped to spread the awareness, as well as help me gift out more drops to more Water Protectors.

    I offer The Drop Of Water to them at wholesale for $5 ea, or a minimum order of 20/$100. If the individual retailer would like to help me gift other Water Protectors, I always donate additional drops for them to gift out at their own discretion. Over 3,500 have been made and gifted out so far! And about half as many have been made and sold. As of this year, 2022, I am currently seeking 2 retail locations in each of the 50 US States so we can spread the love and awareness even further!

    I would love your help and suggestions!

    Do you know a retail location, store, shop, or even individual vendor or distributor who would be perfect for The Drop Of Water?

    Or would you personally like to resell in your online shop? I see Oil and Water Don’t Mix have an online store and this could be a perfect match up!

    You may email me at [email protected]

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Dan “TheGlassman”

    The Drop Of Water

    “Water Is Life… Every Drop Counts!”

    or msg at www.Facebook.com/TheDropOfWater
  • Chelsea Fairbank
    commented 2021-12-04 09:27:49 -0500
    Hello, My name is Chelsea Fairbank and I am currently writing a book about Line 3 & Line 5. I would love the opportunity to speak with people from your organization regarding Line 5 if possible. I will be in Michigan next week and can stop by the Lansing office, if that is convenient for you.

    I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.


    Chelsea Fairbank
  • Ryan Seifferlein
    commented 2021-11-14 11:28:22 -0500
    Hello, I work for a nonpartisan voter education organization called Turn Up Turnout through the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. I’d like to do some voter education on this topic and am inquiring to see if there is anyone that may be able to virtually join us in the Winter 2022 semester to give some insight into the importance of shutting this pipeline down and how students can better get involved and how their vote can help with this.
  • Paul Myers
    commented 2021-11-13 13:20:47 -0500
    Please issue a response to Mr. Hayes’s article last week in the Wall Street Journal. Very one-sided.
  • Allan Shelley
    commented 2021-10-14 22:23:18 -0400
    I plan onpicketing the EnBridge H in 2 weeks. May I use some of your data rgarding how unsafe Line 5 is?
  • Thomas Anderson
    commented 2021-10-06 18:08:10 -0400
    You are ineffictively approaching this from a substantive cause-effect standpoint — that is plainly precluded by the treaty. The resolution is to be found by demanding STRICT LEGAL COMPLIANCE with the formalistic language of the treaty. It says what it means, and means what it says.

    Argue this: “PIPE: II. A hollow cylinder or tube through which something may pass…” Oxford English Discionary. By definition, a hollow cylinder with holes in it is not a “line of pipes” when less than all of the contents do not “pass” through it. Instead, it is a harmful object not contemplated by the treaty. Line 5 is no longer a “line of pipes.”

    In all cases, the origin of the word PIPE is the musical wind instrument. For demonstration before a tribunal, take a wind instrument, drill a bunch of random holes in it. First play an undrilled pipe, and show how well it sounds. Next play the drilled pipe, and explain why it sounds so badly. Then point out that the drilled instrument no longer functions as a pipe. Thus, no longer being a pipe, Line 5 cannot be covered by the treaty — which only pertains to a line of pipes which transport virtually ALL the matertial which enters. Is a car really a car, when there is no air in the tires? At what point does scrap metal stop being a car?

    This is how liberal capitalists operate, by redefining things. Capitalists do not conserve, they liberally waste, to take equitable value by the most easy manner possible at the expense of everything else.
  • Kevin Kamps
    commented 2021-09-02 20:10:44 -0400
    Hi Oil & Water Don’t Mix,

    Ann Rogers at NMEAC directed me to the website to add my organization, Beyond Nuclear, as a member of your coalition. I could very likely get other groups I’m affiliated with to do the same. Please let me know how to do this. Thanks!

    Kevin Kamps

    Radioactive Waste Specialist, Beyond Nuclear

    Board of Directors Member, Don’t Waste Michigan, Kalamazoo/Lake Michigan Chapter

    Advisory Board Member, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
  • Kevin Kamps
    commented 2021-09-01 15:11:10 -0400
    Hi. Can I info. table this Saturday at the Water Is Life Festival? I am with Beyond Nuclear and Don’t Waste Michigan. Our focus is protecting the Great Lakes against nuclear power, radioactive waste, and radiation risks. Thanks!

    —-Kevin Kamps, 240-462-3216, [email protected]
  • Roger Sheldon
    commented 2021-08-30 01:12:05 -0400
    Hello, My name is Roger Sheldon – I work as a ghostwriter, photographer, and marketer for some 501c3 organizations and for an environmentally concerned gallery along Lake Huron. I have spend my entire life on there shores of the Great Lakes – and I mean literally on the shores; from their frozen tunnels formed in winter to the frigid early summer swims, to the warm late summer water and brisk early autumn winds to the late autumn gales. It frustrates me how little the wonder and bounty the lakes have provided, do provide, and could continue to (indefinitely with modest planning and restraint). An entire culture grew to mammoth significance, novelty, rarity, and depth during the rush of shipping opportunities, sailors, ships, and wrecks occupied millions on a freshwater sea capable of claiming remarkable casualties – and yet this culture, like the rare ecosystem that inspired it, has been under-appreciated and decimated – like the flora, the fauna, and the water purity of the lakes. Part of the problem is the historical misuse of the resource primarily through the dilution is the solution mentality – the exploitation of water as a finite and disposable resource; using the immense freshwater of the lakes to operate chemical plants, accommodate the timber industry, float large cargo vessels to and from destinations in the midwest breadbasket to The Atlantic, the gulf, to Eastern Canada, etc. The lakes are a one-of-a-kind feature that is valuable simply for it’s novelty, beauty, and purity – and we are losing the opportunity to really maintain the lake’s viability through invasive species introduction, historical over-fishing and killing of native fish stocks, and the gradual pollution with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medications, etc… Rather than abuse the lakes, it would be most wise to utilize them in the pursuit of preserving them – and stop selling the water to Coke and Nestle for less than citizens of the state! OMG, this state’s natural resources have been so absurdly squandered. It is so frustrating.
    I have been establishing with the ownership of the gallery I work with a concept whereas we could encourage customers to donate to the Line 5 cause – obviously any solution that results in a scenario where Michigan and Huron aren’t potentially entirely wiped out as a resource and biologically in a single event, with Eerie and Ontario, along with numerous rivers, Lake Saint Clair, the entire Saint Lawrence becoming hazardous because of Canadian oil needs superseding all logic – embridge has already proven they will not maintain their resources, and have already caused the largest inland oil spill to date, letting them continue to do this is lunacy, and it’s urgent. I tell people about this all of the time. So, the question is, would it be possible to setup something like a “donate $1” type drive as is done at a lot of fast food joints and grocery stores, but this would be at a lakeshore giftshop and art gallery – but the visiting demographics should be highly receptive given a good portion arrive by boat. Further, I have been wanting to incorporate the Line 5 cause into some of the environmental causes the 501C3 I primarily work with focuses on… In addition, I could help draw more attention through simply partnering with a collective of charity organizations dedicated to sincere press, pragmatic government, and rational environmental policy… It could benefit your visibility. I would be so sick if I discovered there was an oil spill on Huron/Michigan. OMG. it’s disgusting to imagine.

    Let me know the feasibility and openness/logistics to engineering the above into a reality and partnership between myself, the entities I work with, and the cause of ending the utterly obnoxious risk that is line 5.

    excuse me – I just get so saddened and frustrated by this – it is so shortsighted that Line 5 still exists as an active pipeline; it’s just insanity.

    Thank you,

    -Roger Sheldon
  • Maya Aronoff
    commented 2021-08-20 16:08:27 -0400
    Hi there! I’m writing as someone who grew up in MI and is trying to return to the state to join this fight. I was wondering if I could speak to someone from your organization about the status quo of the fight against Line 5, the role of the Army Corps ongoing environmental impact research, and the current timeline of the fight. My email is [email protected] and my number is 5172156791
  • John Donabedian
    commented 2021-08-16 11:04:41 -0400
    I don’t want to sound like a fear monger, but it just dawned on me that we may be missing one of the most dangerous risks that a oil pipeline or tunnel poses to the Great Lakes and US national security. My concern is that as fresh water becomes more scarce and valuable as a natural resource it also becomes an obvious terrorist target. Having an oil line intertwined with the Great Lakes becomes the means to destroy this valuable natural resource. I don’t like to spread fear, but in this case the fear of a viable terrorist plot to rob us of such a valuable resource might be the motivating tool for people to wise up about not mixing oil with water.

    Neo conservatives having been playing the fear card very successfully since 9/11, maybe it’s time we leverage the fear of putting a terrorist target in our Great Lakes to wake people up to the stupid risks Enbridge wants to expose us to.
  • Rebecca Terpening
    commented 2021-08-06 23:30:10 -0400
    MISolidarity is organizing a Progressive Solidarity Summit on October 2nd 2021. We’re inviting people and organizations to join us for a day of meeting and networking with progressives from across Michigan, cool speakers, and awesome entertainment. We would like the focus for this year’s event to be on Environmental issues in Michigan.

    Growing strong social networks across the progressive and leftist communities in Michigan is a critical step towards building real, resilient, and lasting political power in our state and across our country.

    Join us on October 2nd 2021 to meet progressives from across the state, learn about progressive organizations, enjoy a full program of speakers and entertainment, while growing your knowledge, networks, and communities. We’ll announce the full program once it’s finalized – watch this space:


    If you are interested in sponsoring this event or setting up a table at it, please email [email protected]
  • Jeffrey Tung
    commented 2021-07-23 15:58:25 -0400
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    Or can you shoot me a quick email for a brief discussion!


  • Arthur Hirsch
    commented 2021-06-15 20:09:55 -0400
    I did not understand the answer to the environmental impact question…can you give me David Holtz phone # or email?
  • Linda Weide
    commented 2021-06-13 13:10:06 -0400
    Fourth Grade Water Conservationists

    Dear Oil and Water Don’t Mix,

    Our fourth grade students have been studying water conservation because they decided in a fall election simulation it was an environmental issue of concern to them. In the spring we returned to final election campaign topics and here is our response. Children took on 6 topics in teams. Each team designed a t-shirt for our Etsy shop and made a campaign video. The team that chose your organization is donating all t-shirt proceeds for the oil and water campaign to Oil and Water Don’t Mix. This shop is designed to keep on going. I am sharing with you links to our Etsy shop and our videos. 

    Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/SavetheGreatLakes?ref=shop_sugg

    Water Conservation Videos on University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Youtube Site


    We also support HB 1352 and shutting down Enbridge pipeline #5 in Lake Michigan. Please pass these on to people whom you think would be sympathetic.

    We appreciate the work you are doing.

    Respectfully, Linda Weide
  • Tara Snyder
    commented 2021-05-28 15:45:30 -0400
  • Michael Baird
    commented 2021-05-26 09:21:52 -0400
    05/26/2021, I was reading an article in the Detroit Free Press online edition this morning about a campaign to open the US/Canadian border when I came across this quote by James Cudmore, a spokesman for Bill Blair, Canada’s minister of public service and emergency preparedness: “when and how to reopen the border will be made in Canada, with the best interest of Canadians as our top priority,”.

    I found his official one-sided extreme attitude rather alarming and grossly hypocritical, especially when weighed against the current situation that exists with regards to Line 5 and it’s continuing operation and endangerment to Michigan, the Straits of Mackinac and the Great Lakes.

    One of my immediate thoughts was, could this man’s quote, this official Canadian position on international relations somehow be used against Enbridge and the official support they have received from the Ontario government in the campaign to shut down Line 5?

    Canada is obviously saying Canada First and Canada for Canadians, but they are more than willing to stick their noses in US and specifically Michigan’s business. The hypocrisy needs to be publicly and loudly pointed out.
  • Tyler Dame
    commented 2021-05-12 20:48:13 -0400
    All i see in your reports and info, are “what ifs”! Really no thought or research has been put into this group. I mean other then ruining thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Canadian lives. Have you done any research on Enbridge’s Policies and procedure regarding the maintenance of line five? If they reflect any of the provinces extensive safety legislation and regulations, their inspection and maintenance requirements especially within such a high risk area, is sure to be thorough. I mean the oil & gas industry in Canada goes a step above most legislated requirements when it comes to Health, Safety & Environment. This pipeline has been there for what 57 years? And now there is an issue? Did the pandemic bore you, so now your out to destroy Canadian lives? Did you research any of the implications that might arise from having this pipeline shut down? My guess is not, because who cares about the lives of an individual person or hundreds of thousands of lives. As long as you are heard i guess… I mean at this point why doesn’t everyone just go back to the good ol’ days where we got our hands dirty everyday working them coal mines for our fuel, or even better we just wont heat our houses. Cant use wood, damages the forest, cant use oil/fuel because it pollutes the earth, cant use coal because it pollutes the atmosphere, maybe solar power if you can find away to build it without some sort of petroleum bi-product. Even then, are you going to depend on it in the middle of winter… i think not. So why do this? Are you getting paid? If i were to do some research into this group, would i find payments from groups such as the Rockefeller Group?

    I saw a post earlier about the spills…1) i didn’t read anything about a spill happening in the lake itself which this group is all about… 2) the last relevant date i had seen attached to a spill was 1990. If you were to do your research Canadian legislation and regulation, even American have come a long way since then. 3) Regulations and legislation within Canada are being improved yearly. 4) Seems to me, you may want to go after your own government for their lack of regulations. 5) There are spills that are on-going in the gulf, of the coast of LA, wouldn’t your efforts be better off fighting on that front? Ive seen drilling rigs in the middle of cities in America, haven’t in Canada. have you looked at what sort of health effects that has on the surrounding communities that reside around those drilling rigs? My guess is not, only concerned about Canadian made oil…
  • Oil & Water Don't Mix
    followed this page 2021-05-07 16:00:34 -0400
  • Bill Savage
    commented 2021-05-07 15:57:41 -0400
    Recently I saw a notice for a peaceful Call to Action in the Straits area, specifically at the McGulpin State Park on March 12. It was a professionally crafted notice. From the information within it, I was able to visit your site (this one) and in the events section/page nothing is listed for the 12th, only the 13th is mentioned. I’m confused now. I plan to be there but it’s a long drive and I don’t want to miss anything by coming on the wrong date. What date is it going to be on? 12th? 13th? Thank you.
  • John Forslin
    commented 2021-04-10 18:06:50 -0400
    Enbridge pays $67 million in prop taxes. How will communities be held harmless on this?
  • Brian Fathers
    commented 2021-03-17 11:05:30 -0400
    Hi. In order to protect the great lakes you need to ban tanker traffic that will sale from west lake superior to Sarnia. They will use this mode if the pipeline is shut down. Tanker traffic already leaves Sarnia loaded with refined product.
  • Margaret Mann-DeVos
    followed this page 2021-02-17 23:38:14 -0500
  • Margaret Mann-DeVos
    commented 2021-02-17 23:34:44 -0500
    2/17/21. Hello, I was watching TV tonight and an ad came on (by Enbridge) telling people that if Line 5 is shut down, then this will impact our energy needs here in Michigan, especially low income families.. Everything in the ad was a lie and my first thought was 1) they are getting desperate, 2) how can they get away with this? ($$$) and 3) it really pissed me off. Any thoughts on this?

    Margaret Mann-DeVos, BSN,RN

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