Enbridge Scores Victory for Destroying the Climate

Minnesota regulators on Thursday gave the go-ahead for a $160 million upgrade to an Enbridge crude oil pipeline across northern Minnesota that will surely exacerbate a changing climate.

Straits Pipeline Critics Ready Their Clipboards for Big Bridge Walk

Members of citizen groups from around the state will be in Mackinaw City on Labor Day, but they won’t be on vacation. Instead, they will be at the south…

Oil & Water to join Governor at Bridge Walk

As Gov. Rick Snyder joins thousands of Michiganders in the annual Labor Day walk across the Mackinac Bridge, citizens from across the state will urge the governor to…

No permit? Enbridge just breaks the rules.

Last week, the State Department released documents revealing a scheme by Canadian tar sands giant Enbridge to bypass the Presidential Permit process for expansion of its Alberta Clipper tar sands…

Controversy surrounds Enbridge commercial

Enbridge released a new commercial touting they have restored the Kalamazoo River "back to normal." Residents living near the river say the claims are overblown and misleading.  

Erosion exposes Enbridge pipeline

When erosion exposed once buried pipelines in Minnesota, locals discovered there are no rules or laws in place requiring the pipeline owner to rebury. Yet federal regulators found "depletion…

Enbridge falls short of pledge

In yet another incident where Enbridge says one thing and does another, Canadian regulators stopped an Enbridge pipeline replacement project due to an Enbridge failing around safety and…

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