Citizens request AG investigation of potentially fraudulent Line 5 comments

A Michigan resident identifies fraudulent comment submitted in her name during the alternatives study public comment period.

Canada Chooses to Ignore Line 5 Risk

Canadian agency removes any reference to Line 5 risk from key environmental planning report.

More than 22,000 call on AG Schuette to shut down Enbridge Line 5

As the state’s official comment period for Line 5 Alternatives Analysis closes, public demands immediate shutdown of oil pipelines in Straits of Mackinac.

Business Leaders: Line 5 Spill Poses Massive Threat to Local Jobs

With more than 200,000 Michigan jobs tied to tourism, the future of Line 5 is a major jobs issue.

The Line 5 Alternatives Study: What You Need to Know

The State of Michigan is now accepting comments on their recently released draft Line 5 Alternatives Study. The public comment period closes on August 4, 2017. Here's what…

New evidence emerges showing deep conflicts of interest in Line 5 reports

Oil & Water Don’t Mix calls on state leaders to discard conflict-plagued reports, shut down Line 5 in Straits.

Abrupt cancellation of conflict-plagued Line 5 study sparks demand for transparency

Environmental groups call for full disclosure of conflict-laden study details

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