Pipeline Policy: All Talk, No Action

Michigan has a spotty history when it comes to enforcing laws that hurt big oil. Now it's time to see if Attorney General Schuette will step up to…

Liz Kirkwood "No Safer Today"

The task force report made some good recommendations, but the task force report alone does not lessen the threat to our waters.

Examining Oil Pipelines 5 Years After Kalamazoo Spill

 This weekend marks the five year anniversary of the Enbridge pipeline rupture in Marshall.

Line 5 on "Off the Record"

Tim Skubick on the program Off the Record discusses Enbridge's aging Line 5 oil pipelines at the 9:20 mark. Key question: “How can you conclude a pipeline might…

Pipeline Task Force Report in the Media

The release of the pipeline task force report has garnered a flurry of media attention. 

Another Pipeline Failure, in Canada This Time

How many more pipelines need to fail before we learn our lesson? 

Michigan Radio: Line 5 Status Still Unknown

In spite of all of the time spent and research done to compile the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force Report there is still so much we do not…

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