This Week Monday: The Launch

This Week Monday is a new, regular online newsletter from Oil & Water Don't Mix with fresh facts and actions in the citizens' movement to protect the Great…

In Wake of New Whitmer Climate Policy, Groups Call for Action on Line 5 Oil Pipeline

Environmental, tribal and civic leaders applauded the 'bold action' on climate announced today by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and urged her to take action on Line 5 oil…

MPSC’s Line 5 Tunnel Hearing Today Should Focus on Risks to Michigan, Not Benefits to Enbridge

Citizens groups plan to tell the Michigan Public Service Commission today that Enbridge’s proposed oil pipeline tunnel to replace Line 5 not only carries huge risks for Michigan,…

Enbridge Refuses to Protect Michigan from Line 5; Stronger Response Needed from Governor

The announcement today by the state Dept. of Natural Resources of Enbridge’s refusal to provide a minimum of $900 million in liability insurance to protect the state’s taxpayers…

Groups Urge U.S. Army Corps to Reject Enbridge Line 5 Tunnel Permit

Enbridge’s request for federal approval of a Line 5 replacement oil pipeline in a proposed tunnel in the Straits of Mackinac should be rejected to protect the Great…

Citizens Respond to Agency’s Decision Today Rejecting Enbridge Bid for Rubber-Stamp Line 5 Tunnel Approval

Citizens groups applaud the decision today by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) rejecting Enbridge Energy’s bid to bypass scrutiny of their proposed Line 5 pipeline tunnel in…

Enbridge Raises Possibility of Second Line 5 Anchor Strike In Two Years

Court Documents Also Confirm Enbridge Still Can’t Say for Sure What Caused June Line 5 Damage

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