Are Michigan’s Residents, Communities, and Businesses Insured if Line 5 Fails in the Straits?

Investigation Reveals Critical Omissions and Finds Pipeline Might be Uninsurable

Mackinac Island Brings Legal Actions against State of Michigan over Line 5 Oil Pipelines

City, joined by local citizens’ group, cites risk to the economy and Lake Huron drinking water supply due to former State officials failing to apply the rule of…

Federal Shutdown Endangers Line 5 Oil Pipeline Spill Response

Environmental Groups Call On Governor To Take Emergency Action To Protect Great Lakes From Pipeline Rupture In Wake of Today’s Report.

Today’s action on Line 5 A Turning Point for Michigan and the Great Lakes

Today’s decision by Gov. Whitmer to request that Attorney General Dana Nessel conduct an independent review of Public Act 395 is welcome news for anyone who cares about…

Wednesday’s Mackinac Straits ‘Authority’ Meeting Is a Sham

Wednesday’s meeting of the so-called Mackinac Straits Corridor ‘Authority’ is a sham. It wastes the public’s money and time and should be delayed until a new governor and…

Citizen Groups Call on Gov. Snyder to Veto Unconstitutional SB 1197

As Clock Races Toward Lame Duck Finish Line, Governor Should Reject Fatally Flawed Enbridge Line 5 Oil Tunnel Bill

Revised Line 5 Tunnel Bill A Hot Mess

As House Prepares to Vote Tuesday, Analysis Shows A Deeply Flawed Proposal

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