How Will Future Generations View Gov. Whitmer?

By Mike Ripley, Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority   When Governor Whitmer was elected last year after running on promises to protect the Great Lakes, many of us were…

For Gov. Whitmer Decision Looms on Line 5

When she campaigned for governor Gretchen Whitmer told Michigan voters she would decommission Line 5 and get the oil out of the Great Lakes.  It was her Great…

Industry Group Targets Michigan with Phony “Consumer” Campaign for Enbridge’s Proposed ‘Line 5’ Oil Tunnel

A Desperate Attempt to Fool Michigan Into Risking Great Lakes for Another 99 Years

Enbridge Sues State of Michigan - OWDM Responds

Enbridge takes legal action to circumvent strong demand by Gov. Whitmer calling to remove Line 5 from the Straits within two years. This is the news roundup and…

NTSB Line 5 Anchor Strike Report Released Amid Calls for Immediate Action by Governor, Attorney General

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a new investigative report into a near-disastrous 2018 anchor strike. In its wake, citizens groups have called on Gov. Gretchen…

Line 5 Pipeline Demonstrators Target Mackinac Policy Conference With No Oil Tunnel Message

Action Comes As Attorney General Dana Nessel Vows To Act.

Governor Should Reject Enbridge’s Latest Fictional Line 5 Tunnel Promise

On Thursday, Enbridge changed course and instead of its original 7-10 year timeline said it could build a tunnel through the Straits by 2014. Oil & Water Don't…

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