Strong Support for Bay Mills Indian Community Legal Challenge to EGLE Line 5 Tunnel Permit

The Bay Mills Indian Community Tuesday formally challenged a state Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy permit for Enbridge's proposed Line 5 oil tunnel in the Straits…

MPSC Decides to Look Forward, Not Back in Line 5 Review

We strongly support the Michigan Public Service Commission’s decision to include the impact on our climate when it decides whether to allow construction of a Line 5 oil…

Shipping Season Brings Renewed Line 5 Rupture Threat

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, March 25, 2021   Opening of 2021 Straits of Mackinac Shipping Season  Brings Renewed Threat of Enbridge Line 5 Failure  Halt in shipping from…

Michigan Propane Plan Endorsed by Citizens Groups

Plan to Ensure Resilience Without Line 5 Builds Infrastructure, Prevents Price-Gouging, Improves Access to Energy Markets

From Canada Comes the Truth about Enbridge’s Line 5: It’s not about Michigan’s Energy Needs

New video released today tells the real energy story about a dangerous oil pipeline in the Great Lakes.

Public's Tunnel Watchdog Missing in Action

The Michigan Advance--which just won an award for its consistently excellent coverage of the Enbridge Line 5 controversy--published a detailed report Friday calling out a public body created…

Today’s Line 5 Tunnel Permit Decision Bad for Great Lakes

Michigan’s environmental regulators--the people whose job it is to protect the Great Lakes--should have said “no” to new oil pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac for the next…

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