For Gov. Whitmer Decision Looms on Line 5

When she campaigned for governor Gretchen Whitmer told Michigan voters she would decommission Line 5 and get the oil out of the Great Lakes.  It was her Great…

Industry Group Targets Michigan with Phony “Consumer” Campaign for Enbridge’s Proposed ‘Line 5’ Oil Tunnel

A Desperate Attempt to Fool Michigan Into Risking Great Lakes for Another 99 Years

Enbridge Sues State of Michigan - OWDM Responds

Enbridge takes legal action to circumvent strong demand by Gov. Whitmer calling to remove Line 5 from the Straits within two years. This is the news roundup and…

NTSB Line 5 Anchor Strike Report Released Amid Calls for Immediate Action by Governor, Attorney General

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a new investigative report into a near-disastrous 2018 anchor strike. In its wake, citizens groups have called on Gov. Gretchen…

Line 5 Pipeline Demonstrators Target Mackinac Policy Conference With No Oil Tunnel Message

Action Comes As Attorney General Dana Nessel Vows To Act.

Governor Should Reject Enbridge’s Latest Fictional Line 5 Tunnel Promise

On Thursday, Enbridge changed course and instead of its original 7-10 year timeline said it could build a tunnel through the Straits by 2014. Oil & Water Don't…

OWDM Statement on Governor Whitmer's Anchor Strike Order

Statement responding to troubling new revelations about the safety and integrity of Line 5 pipeline and Governor Whitmer’s new order.

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