Reject Enbridge-funded Police

Groups Call for Michigan to Reject Enbridge-funded law enforcement; ABC News Spotlights Privately-Funded Police

OWDM Condemns Unsafe Illegal Activity

To Our Supporters: On October 19, certain individuals reportedly broke into an Enbridge Line 5 pump station in Michigan. This resulted in Enbridge temporarily halting the flow of…

Call for Investigation Follows Straits Corridor Authority Disclosures

Questions About Conflicts, Secrecy In Enbridge Line 5 Tunnel Project Oversight

New Enbridge Violations, Water Damage Raise Concerns About Urgency of Action on Line 5

Amid $3.3 Million in New fines, Enbridge Uses Federal Court to Delay Line 5 Shutdown, Keeping Great Lakes Endangered.

Federal Mediation Ends Without Settlement - Send Case Back to State Court

With No Settlement, Federal Court Must Now Act Urgently on Line 5 Case.

Canada: Support the Line 5 Shutdown

Citizens groups, including tribal members, are gathering on September 1 at 11:00 AM EDT near the Canadian consulate at the international Detroit River border for a press conference.…

Citizens' Groups Warn More Court Delay on Line 5 Threatens Great Lakes, Michigan's Economy

After 154 Days, Federal Court Mediator Still Wants More Time; Pipeline Remains A Ticking Time Bomb LANSING, MI--Citizens' groups today warned that a request Wednesday by a mediator…

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