Public's Tunnel Watchdog Missing in Action

The Michigan Advance--which just won an award for its consistently excellent coverage of the Enbridge Line 5 controversy--published a detailed report Friday calling out a public body created…

Today’s Line 5 Tunnel Permit Decision Bad for Great Lakes

Michigan’s environmental regulators--the people whose job it is to protect the Great Lakes--should have said “no” to new oil pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac for the next…

OWDM Responds to Enbridge Threat OWDM Responds to Enbridge Threat Against Michigan and the Great Lakes

Enbridge’s threat today in a letter to Gov. Whitmer to ignore terms of a 68-year agreement and Michigan laws and keep operating its dangerous Line 5 oil pipelines…

Canadian Leader Endorses Line 5 Shutdown

Canada’s most venerated scientist, who was once voted among the top five most trusted people in the nation, has endorsed Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s enforcement to shut down Enbridge’s…

This Week Monday December 7, 2020

Today's Army Corps Line 5 Public Hearing. Enbridge's Court Delay Tactics. Who's Been Naughty, Who's Been Nice? Join Oil & Water Don't Mix for a special event Saturday…

This Week Monday November 30

The potential impact of Enbridge Taking Michigan to Federal Court over Line 5. Today's This Week Monday.

Citizens Groups Respond to Enbridge Attempt To Avoid Line 5 Accountability

Today it was reported that Enbridge has filed suit in U.S. District Court to block Michigan’s governor from enforcing a state agreement that Enbridge has violated.

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